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Preplan your holiday without having to visit multiple sites. Our one-stop solution enables travelers to search any destination for hotels, restaurants, nightlife, events, festivals, attractions, shopping, user generated reviews and other travel activities. Travelers can collaborate with friends and fellow travelers to build unique, custom itineraries. An extremely powerful tool that brings reliable, accurate travel information at your fingertips. Start enjoying your holiday long before you get there!
Promote your destination and tourism establishments effectively. Assist visitors to become better informed about the destination and enable member establishments to market and promote their products & services to a focused, targeted audience at very low costs. Be a catalyst in providing your visitors a complete, satisfactory, and rewarding destination experience. Bring all travel information, dispersed across the net to a single point of contact.
Integrate Citi Channel's 'shared label' solution into hotel's website so guest's may build daily activities & itinerary in context to hotel's location, Deliver an awesome overall experience to guests not just within the four walls of the hotel but a complete, pleasurable destination experience. Makret & promote hotel's F&B facilities to guests staying at the hotel and to local residents. Increase time spent by guest on your website, build a strong relationship, and drive additional bookings.
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Build awareness, promote your restaurant to a targeted audience at the right time - when your potential customer is deciding where to eat and places to visit. Make targeted customers aware of your specials, promotions, sales and special events at your restaurant during the customer's visit to the city. Promote last minute specials, happy hour specials, to customers at very low cost. Cut your marketing costs while increasing sales.
Until Citi Channel, unless you were a 'must see' tier 1 city attraction, or a large popular store in the right location, building awareness and promoting your products & services was almost impossible, especially when you are on a low, tight budget. Not any more! Whether you are a small boutique store or a 2nd and 3rd tier attraction, you can create your 'buzz' and grab your customer's at negligible costs. Increase your sales and traffic by participating on The Citi Channel.



The Citi Channel service was developed by a group of frustrated travelers who, every time they travelled, would end up visiting multiple travel and destination sites, spend long hours only to be disappointed with the results - outdated, obsolete, incomplete information.

Citi Channel offers a media rich, comprehensive, global Travel Search Platform with digital content curation. It uniquely assists travelers visiting any destination around the world plan their perfect vacation / trip; while improving brand awareness and profitability of tourism providers.

The Citi Channel platform merges travel content from multiple, reliable sources. It offers a single point of contact to search, evaluate, review, plan a list of activities & build a daily itinerary of 'things to do', 'places to see', within the context of where the traveller will be staying. Its social media tools enable fellow travellers to collaborate and jointly build the itinerary and share it with friends and family. Users can even do virtual “Walk-About” their hotel, restaurants and around city streets and get a much better feel for the destination.

Citi Channel service is of original R&D, with proprietary search algorithms, UX, and an exclusive database. It has built its own big data capturing tools embedded throughout the system that capture unique patterns, trends, user profiles, analytics and uses this proprietary data to forecast industry trends, consumer behaviour, and to assist travel suppliers better position their products.

Citi Channel offers a 'shared label' service to DMOs, hotels, airlines, and convention centers, whereby Citi Channel tools are customised and embedded into partner's website/portal and travellers can use the service directly from partner's site. Link to 'shared label' trip planning tools can also be sent to travellers with the hotel booking or airline ticket confirmation email.

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