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Preplan your holiday without having to visit multiple sites. Search any destination for hotels, restaurants, nightlife, events, festivals, attractions, shopping, and other travel activities. Evaluate places, take virtual walks, examine user generated reviews from Google+, Trip Advisor and Foursquare, all from one place. Collaborate online with friends and fellow travelers and build that perfect unique, customized itinerary.

Start enjoying your holiday long before you get there!

About Us

The Citi Channel service was developed by a group of frustrated travelers who, every time they travelled, would end up visiting multiple travel and destination sites, spend long hours only to be disappointed with the results - outdated, obsolete, incomplete information.

Citi Channel offers a media rich, comprehensive, global Travel Search Platform with digital content curation. It uniquely assists travelers visiting any destination around the world plan their perfect vacation / trip; while improving brand awareness and profitability of tourism providers.

How Does it Work

The Citi Channel platform merges travel content from multiple, reliable sources.

It offers a single point of contact to search, evaluate, review, plan a list of activities & build a daily itinerary of 'things to do', 'places to see', within the context of where the traveler will be staying. Its social media tools enable fellow travelers to collaborate and jointly build the itinerary and share it with friends and family. Users can even do virtual "Walk-About" their hotel, restaurants and around city streets and get a much better feel for the destination.

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Our mission is to make holiday and business trip planning fun, efficient and rewarding.

We are always looking for talented, focused and hard working individuals who are interested in joining a dedicated, highly experienced team of travel professionals. Citi Channel executives bring over 150 years of combined experience in travel & tourism. We’ve built successful companies from conceptual ideas in the past and are thoroughly excited to take this awesome start up venture to amazing heights.

We are currently looking to fill the following positions.

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The way to a perfect vacation!

Make trip planning fun & the destination an awesome experience…Check out places to see, eat, visit, user reviews, photos, videos, all curated in the context to where you plan to stay… Collaborate with friends & family online & together build that perfect plan.