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Banner ads or coupons can be set by advertisers to appear on a particular Citi Channel's hotel partner website, on a select number of Citi Channel hotel partner websites, on Citi Channel portal, or appear only when the user is searching a particular city(s), state/province or a particular country

Advertisers pay by number of insertions/appearance (CPM). Advertisers can set a start and end date, as well as, set a maximum daily spend per day. When a maximum daily spend amount is set and the maximum spend ceiling is reached for the day the Ad banner will automatically stop appearing for the balance of the day,

Users have the option to have the Ad/coupon emailed to them by clicking on the Ad banner. We do not offer hyper link on banners that take away the user from our partner hotel website. However, for a nominal additional fee advertisers can upload a pdf or jpeg file attachment when setting the Ad. This attachment gets emailed to the user along with the copy of the Ad/coupon.

Ads can be of different sizes (refer to the size and layout chart on the right)

Advertiser is billed & the credit card charged at the end of each month for the number of impressions displayed. NOTE: An impression is only counted as appeared when it’s shown on the readable part of the user's screen. For example: If the user does not scroll down and as a result the Ad is not displayed to the user it is not counted as shown.

All Ads go through an approval process to ensure that the Ad meets Citi Channel standards and is not competitive to the business of our partner website. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions section for full details.

The banner advertising rates for 2017 are as follows:

Ad Size RATES FOR 2017
1K Impressions w/o mailer attachement option 1K Impressions with mailer attachement option
3:1 Rectangle (300px X 100px) $ 50 $ 75
Vertical Banner (120px X 240px) $ 45 $ 70
Square Banner (250px X 250px) $ 80 $ 110
Large Rectangle (380px X 316px) $ 120 $ 165

Coupons & Advertisments