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Citi Channel offers a unique, one-of-a-kind opportunity for travel & tourism suppliers to promote their products & services to a pre-qualified, targeted audience.

Citi Channel audiences are primarily travel consumers planning to visit the city, who have either already booked their accommodation or in the process of deciding where to stay. They are typically at the pre-planning stage and access Citi Channel from the hotel's website where they'll be staying or from the Citi Channel portal (

On Citi Channel travelers search, review and short list 'things to do', 'places to see', 'restaurants to eat at', 'malls/stores to visit & shop', etc. and build their daily itinerary of activities. This makes it an ideal time and opportunity for travel suppliers to reach their consumers - right at the time they are finalizing their plans.

Citi Channel offers two types of advertising opportunities:

  • Banner advertising: Banners or coupons displayed on the right side of the screen. These banners can be set to display when Citi Channel is accessed from a particular hotel website, multiple hotel sites, or set to be displayed for a specific city, state or country. [Click here to view a sample]

  • On-Board Advertising: On-board ads are displayed on the establishment's board. There are three types of opportunities available for On-Board advertising:

    • Red Tag Ads: This is a 3 line (90 characters) highlighted ad space to display a text promotional message, endorsement, etc. [Click here to view a sample]

    • Scrolling Text Ad: This is a scrolling text, advertising or promotional line. [Click here to view a sample]

    • Mini-Banner Ads: These are mini banners that can be displayed on the establishment's board typically used for advertising special promotions, happy hour special, coupons, etc. Up to six banner ads can be displayed on each establishment board. [Click here to view a sample]

Citi Channel offers the perfect opportunity for advertisers to reach & pitch to their consumers right at the time they are planning their activities.